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Smart Mist Magic
          Mist collector
・Uncompromising,never-ending pursuit of ‘maintenance-free’
 and‘energy saving’. 
・We developed industry’s first drain system.
 Miniaturized and reduced weight.
 Furthermore, the oil mist collection rate also improved.

Heavy Smoker           Mist collector
・Industry summit level.
 The highest grade mist collection efficiency of
 the leader in the industry.
・Heavy Smoker collects both water-soluble mist and oily mist.
 A quick maintenance and tool less.

Super collector          Fume collector
・Dust collecting, fire prevention, and an environmental problem are
 solved by the power of water.
・Sparks are also shut out by a double fire prevention function.
 The microcomputer system that attached great importance to fire safety.


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