Heavy smoker

Mist Collector

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Industry summit level

The highest grade
mist collection
efficiency of


Heavy smoker collects both water-soluble mist and oily mist.
A quick maintenance and tool less.
chips to collect inside the main body.

Heavy smoker
Compatible for all values
Easy Memtenance
Compatible to worldwide standards


The highest level mist collector in the industry which is emphasized high collection efficiency.
The heavy smoker pursued and developed the mist collector's principle.
It can be used for various uses regardless of oiliness and water soluble.

Heavy smoker
  • Compatible for all valuse of oil viscoosity or water solubility

    The heavy Smoker collect 99.93% mist which is greater than 0.3μm and also catches oily mist level.
    With original filter structure, it almost assembles from coarse mist to fine mist progressivery.

  • Easy maintenance

    A one-touch cassette system is installed so as to facilitate quick maintenance and inspection.
    It takes only 5 minutes to remove and remount the filter with no necessity of tools.

  • Compatible to worldwide standard

    It was adapted to internationalization and it prepares also for overseas standard products,
    such as CE and different voltage, broadly.

Internal structure

Maintenance video


Type HVS-40 HVS-100 HVS-150 HVS-220 HVS-300 HVS-2500
Power supply
Performance W.Cap(m3/min) 4/4.8 9/11 14.2/17 22/26 23.5/28 27.5/33
W.Press(Pa) 690/980 1030/1470 1520/2150 1570/2450 1680/2350 1720/2450
99.93%(Particles greater than 0.3μm)
Approximately 99% with no final filter
(Particles greater than 0.5μm)
Motor 0.4kW 2Pole 0.75kW 2Pole 1.5kW 2Pole 2.2kW 2Pole 2.2kW 2Pole 2.2kW 2Pole
Unit color (Color munsell 5Y9/1.5 proximity stand)
Polyester powder coating
External dimensions(W×D×H) 340×696×520 470×776×655 520×866×735 600×936×830 600×1008×980 750×1232×1270
Inlet diameter(φ) 98 123 148 198 198 198
Outlet diameter (φ) - 123 148 198 198 198
Noise level(dB(A)) 50/54 58/62 62/68 68/71 61/64 62/64
Weight(kg) 35 55 72 85 108 180
Intake temperature MAX75℃
Ambient temperature must be less than 40℃

Installation example

On-Base stand