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Introducing a world-first, new from filterless structure.
Onikaze's "Magic Separator" structure

The"Magic Separator" is a unique new technology of Onikaze.
Developed through long years of industry experience, it is a completely new centrifugal separation system that will not create extra burden for the work site.
The structure was designed with the aim of using aerodynamics to avoid internal waste accumulation, and it also features a self-cleaning function which discharges without allowing the sucked mist, sludge and chips to collect inside the main body.

Smart Mist MagicR
Easy Memtenance
Energy Saving
Self-cleaning Function

Easy mentenance

  • Discharges without accumulation or sollection inside the main body.

    Smart Mist Magic-R greatly reduces the effort and time needed for maintenance.

Energy saving

  • Environmentally-friendly
    energy-saving structure
    It can reduce the CO2 emission and energy consumption by about up to 50% compared to general mist collectors.
    We investigated the structure aerodynamically and minimized the resistance in the main body,a motor one size amaller than the conventional ones can be used. * Equivalent product: Comparison with general mist collectors
    * Calculated on condition that the mist collectors are operated 20 hours a day,
     300 days a year (CO2 emission: 0.453kg/kWh, 1kWh = 16 yen).

Self-cleaning function

  • SMG-R has a unique shape that enables long time performance.
    Features a self-cleaning function which discharges without allowing the sucked mist, sludge and chips to accumulate inside the main body.

Internal structure

Maintenance video


Type SMG-20R SMG-40R SMG-100R SMG-150R
Power source AC200/220V

Electric motor 0.2kW 2Pole 0.4kW 2Pole 0.75kW 2Pole 1.5kW 2Pole
Performance Discharge air capacity(m3/min) 4/5 8/9.6 12.2/15 21/25
Discharge static pressure (Pa) 850/1200 1050/1500 1280/1850 1730/2500
Sound level(dB(A)) 61/65 64/69 71/72 70/73
Collecting efficiency(gravimetric method) 99%
Weight(Kg) 26 37 58 83
Suction caliber(φ) 98 123 148 198
Discharge caliber(φ) 123 148 198 198
Intake temperature MAX75℃
with ambient temperature below 40℃
Paint Color (Main Body)
N-93 (White all gloss) Munsell 9.3 approximate
Paint Color (pre-conditionimg part, motor Installation board, stand)
N-10 approximate(black 30% gloss) Munsell 1.0 approximate
Outside dimention(W×D×H)(mm) 353×480×641 422×580×751 508×693×842 564×848×1002
RoHS compliance All compliant

Installation example

On-Base stand
(The product in the photo is a "Heavy Smoker")


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